Meet the Give a Smile First Recipient:

Joshua Katrick

Giving Back To The Community

Lehigh Valley Oral Surgery and Implant Center, a full-service oral surgery and dental implant center serving the Lehigh Valley and its surrounding communities, announced its very first Give a Smile winner, Joshua Katrick of Northampton, Pennsylvania.

This is Lehigh Valley Oral Surgery and Implant Center’s first year of the Give a Smile Contest and they are looking forward to many more. The Give a Smile program seeks to give back to our local community by providing an All-on-4 Restoration to one winner of the contest who would otherwise not be able to afford it. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept provides patients with life-changing long-term benefits, completely restoring oral health and function through a well- supported full arch of teeth. The procedure is known for its brief recovery time, natural appearance and superior ability to restore proper oral function.

The Selection Process

In 2018, Give a Smile saw around 40 applicants, which were reviewed based on level of need, location and other preliminary factors. Further examination was
conducted to determine the winning recipient by considering each candidate’s dental history, bone support potential, possible long-term health benefits and possible life-changing effects after procedure completion.

The team at Lehigh Valley Oral Surgery and Implant Center, which consists of oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry, specialized staff and a highly skilled restorative dentist, together performed the first Give a Smile winning procedure. The procedure, which only takes about 4 hours, allows patients to leave with a fixed set of teeth same day.

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry stated, “With so many patients in need of dental implants, I felt we needed to help at least some of them who did not have the financial means. Knowing we couldn’t help everyone, we started the Give a Smile program to choose one deserving recipient a year who need a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants”.



Give a Smile’s First Winner

Josh, Give a Smile’s very first recipient, has already seen dramatic changes in his confidence levels, health and happiness after receiving his dental implants. Josh said, “I feel very fortunate to have been chosen as the winner of this contest. This contest has helped me regain my confidence in interacting and engaging with people along with wanting to help out and encourage them with whatever struggles they face. Even in these early stages I feel it regained both my physical and mental health. I feel so grateful to be part of this experience and to have Dr. Chaudhry and the whole staff in my life”.

Josh was chosen to receive the first Give a Smile procedure because he had an inspiring story. He had battled cancer and overcome his disease. However, due to chemotherapy and other factors his teeth had deteriorated to a point that he didn’t want to be social and could only eat soft foods. Once we chose Josh, we found out he was even more deserving of becoming a winner because of his humble and giving personality. Two years ago, while going through chemotherapy, Josh had won a “Pizza for a Year” contest from Mario’s Pizza in Northampton only to give away all his winnings to a local food bank. Josh never told us this story until after he was already chosen as our winner.

Community members interested in donating services to or becoming a partner in the program are encouraged to contact Lehigh Valley Oral Surgery and Implant Center.

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