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Dr. Chaudhry Explains Your Teeth Tomorrow

It is possible that, due to conditions like tooth decay and gum disease, you could be looking at a full arch of missing teeth. Not only can this condition make it difficult to eat and smile, but it can even affect your speech. That said, even by removing a full arch of infected teeth, you still have the potential to develop even more oral health issues, which can actually affect your overall health, causing problems like heart disease and diabetes. While these many missing teeth can be restored using traditional dentures, the fact is that this treatment comes with many detractors that can make it an unattractive solution to your problems. Instead, you may want to consider using Your Teeth Today with Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. We encourage you to read on to learn more about this long lasting solution to a full arch of missing teeth.

What is Your Teeth Today?

Your Teeth Todayis currently the most effective method for restoring a full arch of missing teeth. This treatment makes use of the All-on-4 system, which was created to treat patients suffering from severe tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. This system places four specially designed implant fixtures into the portions of the jawbone with the highest tissue density. Then, an overdenture is attached, restoring your entire arch of missing teeth.

What is great about Your Teeth Todayis that it can be placed without requiring supplemental procedures. This means that patients who have experienced more severe cases of jawbone deterioration can still move forward with this tooth restoration treatment using an implant related system.

Why Choose Your Teeth Today?

Not only can severe tooth loss have effects on your speech and ability to eat, but it can also have effects on your emotional well-being and social interaction. When choosing to restore missing teeth with traditional dentures, you are committing yourself to a process of having to remove your device every night for soaking and cleaning, which can be embarrassing and impractical. Using Your Teeth Today, you can quickly restore your missing teeth without any of the potential embarrassment and discomfort of traditional dentures. Your Teeth Todayhave proven to be more practical and more convenient than dentures.

The Your Teeth Today Procedure

The Your Teeth Today procedure can be broken down into four simple steps. These are:

  • Consultation: Before you can have your implants placed, you will need to attend a consultation with Dr. Chaudhry at our Bethlehem, PA office. During this consultation, the doctor will examine your oral health in order to determine whether or not Your Teeth Today is the best treatment for your needs. If you check out, Dr. Chaudhry will also take this time to develop your treatment plan.
  • Implant Surgery: Once your treatment is planned, you will then be able to have your implants placed. During the procedure, four implant fixtures will be placed at specific points of your mouth. Once in place, the area will be stitched up for healing and a temporary denture will be attached.
  • Healing Period: Once your implants are in place and your temporary denture attached, your mouth will need some time to heal. Approximately three months of recovery time will be required, during which your implants will fully integrate into your oral anatomy.
  • Restoration: Once your implants have healed, you will be able to have your final restoration placed. This overdenture will be custom-made in order to match your remaining natural teeth.

Learn More About Your Teeth Today with Dr. Chaudhry

Are you suffering from a large number of missing teeth, but don’t have the jawbone density required to restore each tooth with its own fixture and restoration? Then you may greatly benefit from treatment with Your Teeth Today. To learn more, contact our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry today.

For after-care information regarding Your Teeth Today, visit our Your Teeth Today aftercare page.

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