Cuspid Exposure
Surgical Orthodontics

Wisdom teeth are often impacted and need to be extracted, but the second most common impacted teeth are the canines. It’s unexpected, but it’s true: canine teeth can sometimes become stuck underneath the gums when patients are young, and they don’t emerge fully. But it’s important that these canines be exposed and raised, in order to provide a complete and healthy smile for the patient.

How Does a Cuspid Exposure Treatment Work?

The first step is to meet with Dr. Chaudhry about your condition. At this time, Dr. Chaudhry will take scans of your teeth, and speak with you about the benefits and necessity of the procedure. This procedure will typically be performed in conjunction with braces.

To expose the canine, the gum tissue overlapping the tooth must be pulled away first. Dr. Chaudhry will administer anesthetic, then will make a small incisions to pull back the gum tissue. A portion of the tissue is either removed or folded back, and sutured back into the gums, leaving the cuspid tooth exposed.

After the gums are secured, Dr. Chaudhry will then attach a bracket to the exposed cuspid, linking it to the wire on the braces. Over time, the newly exposed cuspid will move into it’s proper place at the same time as the orthodontic treatment. The procedure will result in a seamless, straightened smile!

The Benefits of Cuspid Exposure

  • Proper Teeth Alignment: It’s very possible that an impacted canine can influence the placement and emergence of other teeth, especially during an orthodontic treatment.
  • Eliminate Cyst Formations: Cysts are pockets of fluid that can develop beside the tooth and become infected. But by shifting the cuspid into proper place, this removes any holes leftover, where fluid could coalesce.
  • Reduced Risk for Infections: When teeth become misaligned or stuck, it leaves areas exposed or hidden, both of which can become rife with bacteria. By aligning your teeth, it becomes easier for a toothbrush or floss to reach between.
  • Comfortable Bite: When your cuspids are impacted, it can lead to misalignment in other teeth, making chewing and eating much more difficult. With a proper cuspid exposure, you can restore your smile fully.

Do You Need Cuspid Exposure Treatment?

The best way to answer this question is to speak with Dr. Chaudhry himself about your situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with him, and speak one-on-one in private about how you can qualify for cuspid exposure treatment. Your smile is our priority, and we want to help.

Start your new smile journey today!