The simple answer is no. Not all wisdom teeth have to be extracted. Many times, if there is sufficient room in the jaw and a patient is able to maintain the cleanliness of these teeth, it is perfectly fine to leave them in. Why would anyone want to undergo surgery for something which may never bother them or cause them harm?

Evaluation of wisdom teeth look at not only if they are causing damage currently but if the odds are they will cause problems down the road. Once the pro’s and con’s are presented to a patient, in the end it is their decision. But a patient must be informed fully of their options.

Leaving a wisdom tooth in past the early twenties can make wisdom teeth more difficult to remove. Their roots get more entrenched in bone and the bone itself becomes more dense. If excellent oral hygiene isn’t maintained, or in some cases even if it is, the wisdom teeth can damage the teeth infront of them, cause infection, or be painful.

A “one size fits all” treament protocol is not right and each case needs to evaluated individually. Once all the options are understood by the patient, they can make the decision they feel most comfortable with.